At Groomingdell's we provide the following services for your furry friends.


Full-Service Grooming for your Dog or Cat. Whether you like Standard AKC, Puppy Cut, or Kennel Cut, or if you prefer a Lion or Panda Bear Cut, we can do it! With over 40 years of experience whatever you can conceive, we can achieve!

All grooming includes: Nails Trimmed, Anal Glands, Ears, AKC Cut, Two Baths, Conditioner, Brushing, and Styling. We finish with cologne and a bandana or bows.

Oral Care:

A Natural Alternative to traditional pet dentistry. We are excited to provide you with a Safe, All Natural, Healthy, Anesthesia-Free, High Quality preventative means to help in the fight against dental disease in your dog or cat, So Lets Begin Today!

Hair Coloring / Unique Styles:

We have over 30 standard colors of safe, natural dyes to make your dog or cat as unique as you are. Change your pet's color/style with the seasons! Make your dog look like a panda bear; Prefer a lion cut, or maybe a mohawk? Whatever it is, we can do it!

Massage & Aroma Therapy:

Is your pet stressed out? Perhaps a massage or some aromatherapy might help. Relaxing pet massage is therapeutic and promotes relaxation, improved mood, reduces pain, increases circulation, and overall health of the pet. Services provided by Certified Massage Therapist.


Does your pooch like to get her nails done? Or perhaps just painted? We have 60 colors of pet-safe nail colors ready! Soaking dry, rough, cracked, or damaged paws in a bath can improve healing and soften pads, dremmeling nails removes sharp edges that can scratch you and your floors, and nothing finishes off a pawdicure like brightly colored nails!

Flea & Tick Management:

Fleas & Ticks are rampant and they are becoming immune to many of the traditional treatments available. Natural alternatives to Flea & Tick control kill parasites and protect your pet without harsh ingredients or caustic chemicals. These products smell great too!